Affordable Big Game Hunting! This country is one of the hottest destinations in Africa today. Why? Price, Quality, and Quantity of game. The unique Coutada Areas 11 and 12 are made up of a varied terrain consisting of sand forest, tropical savannah and swamp bordering the mighty Zambezi River. A long list of available animals that can be hunted along with buffalo: crocodile, hippo, sable, nyala, waterbuck, bushpig, suni, Lichenstein hartebeest, Chobe bushbuck, eland, warthog and much more. We have been booking hunters with this outstanding outfitter since 2003 and our clients' record speaks for itself.....52 buffalo hunters and 52 buffalo over the years....that's 100% success! Can't beat that record!

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Benin is a wonderful destinations for the hunter who has hunted southern Africa and looking for something a bit different with unique species. The hunting season runs from December to April and a quick flight from Paris (five and half hours).

Compare the prices to southern Africa for a buffalo and roan, Benin is a fantastic "Bang for the Buck!" Pricing for a 10 day package in Benin for western buffalo and roan 16,900 Euros and this includes trophy fees! The Global Sportsman highly recommends this trip for the African hunter Adventurer!

With the rising prices throughout Africa, Zimbabwe is holding steady with some great buys for dangerous game. Abundance of leopard, elephant (trophy and tuskless), and buffalo along with the numerous species of plainsgame make this a must do destination for any big game hunter. Don’t forget tiger fishing too! We work with dedicated outfitters located and living in Zimbabwe. Tuskless elephant hunts are very popular for the thrill but not the hefty price. We book with well-established outfitter in the Bubye Conservancy; one of the finest areas in Zimbabwe and highly managed with strict anti-poaching measures and no costly charters! Sable hunts in the Dollar Block are going fast and booking years in advance. If sable is on the list, better book now as the prices are only going up, up and up!

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TGS favorite location for plainsgame hunting. Beautiful and safe and no gun permit hassles! Great place for families to bring the kids hunting and for first time trip to Africa or just an all around great destination for plainsgame hunts. Prices are reasonable for huge kudu, majestic gemsbok, eland zebra, impala, wildebeest, warthog just to name a few. We work with different operators that offer package hunts or pay as you go in different areas of the country. The Caprivi Strip is one of the best places in southern Africa for big game hunting for elephant, buffalo, croc and hippo along with free range sable and roan and red lechwe. Upgrade the seven day package buffalo hunt to 10 days to add any of the following animals: Sable, Roan, Hippo, Croc or non-export elephant.

The premiere hunting area in Africa with lion, leopard, buffalo and elephants with the specialty plainsgame. Whether tracking big buffalo in Masailand or heading to Rungwa or the Selous for the cats or chasing elephant close to the Mozambique border, our outfitters are the best in the business and will give the hunter an experience of a lifetime.

Attention collectors: Masailand Species plains game hunt: Gerenuk, lesser kudu, Thompson and Grants gazelles, fringe-eared oryx, white-bearded wildebeest all in 7-9 days. We work with the outfitters that have the most competitive pricing for these plainsgame packages, call for details.

South Africa
Our East Cape outfitter has expanded their operation to make it one of the largest privately owned hunting areas in South Africa located out of East London and Port Elizabeth. With three camps to choose from or combine all three, this makes for a very unique hunting experience. One camp is in the Winterberg Highlands, second camp in the Fish River Valley and the last lodge at Puti River overlooking the Indian Ocean. 3 unique lodges, 3 unique areas make for 3 safaris in one! Great destination for collectors and unique species with the following: common, black and white springbok, klipspringer, grysbuck, cape kudu, mountain zebra, Vaal rhebuck, red lechwe plus, plus, plus. Cape buffalo have also been introduced to both the mountain and ocean camps. This is a five star operator.

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Zambia is well known for it’s cats. Lots of lion and leopard and hunters can book a 21 day safari for both cats along with buffalo, hippo and roan. We also have an outfitter that specializes in the endemic species of Zambia:(Kafue Lechwe, Black Lechwe, Crawshay Waterbuck, Cooksons wildebeest etc.. They also have good Sitatunga destinations and excellent Sable (Zambia has a unique sub species called Hippotragus Niger Kiirki which looks like the Giant Sable with no white stripe). Call for prices

Uganda a beautiful country where one will see game in huge numbers roaming the lush valleys. Species include East African Sitatunga, Nile Buffalo, Uganda Kob, Nile & East African Bushbuck, olive baboon, East African bush duiker, Topi, East African Defassa Waterbuck and much more. Hunting in Uganda is a chance to hunt in the old traditional African Safari style. We suggest booking your safari from December to April however the season is open year round. This is a perfect destination for the hunter who has hunted the many countries of Southern Africa but looking for something different and to experience a world class area of Africa.

Hunting on huge privately-owned game conservancy of 120,000 hectares in the Kalahari in Botswana. Great for hunting giant kudu and gemsbok. Beautiful lodge and first class operation and prices you can't believe! Add a photo safari to the Okavango Delta with a hunting trip to see the Best of Beautiful Botswana!

Cameroon and the Congo:
Cameroon has very unique species including the Lord Derby Eland and the beautiful Bongo. We work with outfitter that specializes in both species and has camps in the best areas for these animals.

Bongo in the Congo! This is for the true adventurer and we are so excited about the trophy quality coming out of the Congo. We work with experienced operator that knows the Congo well and the camp is comfortable and the hunting and culture and scenery incredible! Call us now for a true adventure safari!

Hunting in the mountains of Ethiopia for Mountain Nyala is an African dream come true. Global Sportsman experienced this hunt in March 2016.
This is a stalking hunt using horseback and spike camp in the mountains. Beautiful country and friendly people. Call us now!

FTW Ranch / SAAM Safari
Get ready for your next African Safari! Book the Saam Safari Training course at FTW Ranch.
A truly unique African Hunting Safari Training School. Located in the beautiful
Hill Country of Texas, SAAM Safari is an intensive training course and will
encompass a broad range of topics and exercises including:
1) Heavy emphasis on the use of and quick target acquisition while using shooting sticks
2) Moving target marksmanship on life-size "Charging, Running, Broadside"
targets (Buffalo and Elephant)training for proper placement on wounded follow-up shots
and the charging shot.
3) Leopard and lion blind simulation on animated dangerous game walk-through course during daylight and at night, spotlight exercises on 100% life-size targets.
4) Marksmanship training on hippo and croc life size targets in and near water.
5) Plainsgame marksmanship on 10 station life size course with emphasis on shooting sticks and the required quick follow up shots.

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