The North American continent for sheep, bear, deer, mountain goat, bison, mountain lion, alligator, moose, caribou, muskox, wolf, and exotics in Texas. Look at all the options we have to offer!!


British Columbia:
 Kwadacha Outfitters operated by fifth generation outfitter has a total of 2700 square miles of pristine wilderness located both in the Cassier and Rocky Mountain ranges of northern British Columbia. The terrain varies from swampy bottomlands to jagged alpine peaks and acces is fly in and riverboat only. These are two prime concessions loaded with Stone sheep, big moose, mountain goat, caribou. grizzly bear and elk. Mountain goat hunt success is phenomenal with hunting in the timbers using horseback. Point of transfer is Fort Nelson or Fort Ware.

Vancouver Island for BIG black bear.
The hunting area covers approximately 3000 sq. miles of Vancouver Island, encompassing the rugged west coast shoreline and the warmer, more temperate climate of east coast Vancouver Island. This means "big black bears" with an abundant, protein-rich food supply all year long is one of the reasons bears on the Island grow so BIG. Hunting trips are conducted on Vancouver Island by using access on forestry roads with -4x4 trucks and ATV's. 

Located out of Kootenay Lake in BC, 3 hours north of Spokane, Washington. This outfitter offers Spring/Fall black bear. Hunter can take 2 bears and the price is right, a great buy! Plus exceptional fishing including Gerard rainbow trout, Dolly Varden in the 80-mile Kootenay Lake. Currently anglers are landing record size Gerard rainbow ranging in size from 5 to 25 lbs, plus Dolly Varden up to 16 lbs. Need to finish that North American 29? Look at price for the Shiras Moose and they only get 4 permits a year so booking in advance is necessary. This area also produces abundant Mountain lion.

Alberta - located out of Calgary with Monster mountain lions! Alberta mule deer hunts, elk hunts, cougar hunts and coyote hunts range from the prairie country, to the rolling foothills and up to high country of the Alberta Rocky Mountains. Whether you are looking for trophy mule deer hunting, a majestic elk or one of Alberta's huge cougars this outfitter will deliver whether you are a bow or rifle hunter. The mountain lion they take every year are HUGE!!

Free-range Bison Hunts (also in British Columbia). Call for pricing

Quebec-Labrador Caribou
This outfitter provides top quality accommodations, great guides, and will put you on the caribou migration! This is a two caribou hunt and fantastic fishing as well! Fly into Montreal and price includes all transfers to camp and back from Montreal. This is a wonderful hunt for the price with two animals and an outfitter that will make sure you have an opportunity for the caribou.

Newfoundland – Trophy Woodland Caribou and Eastern Canadian Moose.
     Attention caribou collectors: The time is now to book the Woodland Caribou in combination with the Eastern Moose. We consider this one of the best buys in North America today. To be able to harvest a moose and caribou for less $11,000 now that's a bargain! Outfitter has been in business for over 25 years with a fantastic reputation. All accommodations are clean, warm, comfortable and fully supported with boats and ATVs.

Northwest Territories/Nunavut/Yukon

Barren ground caribou, musk ox, and wolf.
Outfitter has partnership with the Innuit people of the North . TGS has been working with this outfitter for almost 10 years. Barren Ground Caribou Nunavut out of Pellett Lake. 2 caribou and price includes accommodation, meals, 2 caribou, transfer from hotel, guide 2x1. Musk Ox hunt is on Victoria Island out of Ulukhaktok (Holman) and with 100% success. Spring and fall hunts with option for second musk ox for trophy fee.

     Both the Yukon and Northwest Territories are known for their fantastic success rate on trophy Dall sheep, monster Alaska Yukon Moose and Mountain caribou. Hunting is conducted in a designated huge vast area of over 9.5 million acres in the the Mackenzie Mountains of the Northwest Territories. The hunter is sure to get a trophy mountain caribou as many of the book caribou come from this area. This hunting area is also best for multiple species. Book your dall sheep, moose and caribou all right here!

United States

Dave Leonard is our top notch outfitter we use in Alaska with over 30 years experience for Trophy brown bear out of Cold Bay, dall sheep in the Brooks Range, Dave comes highly recommended. Dave stays sold out for 2 years in advance. Call us now to reserve that spot for BIG bear with a success rate that is hard to beat for bear and sheep.

Black bear hunting from an 80 ft yacht! Fabulous accommodations and meals! Outfitter has over 24 years of guiding experience and has a wonderful success rate of 95% on black bear hunts. Enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way!

Sitka blacktail and duck combo!
$4,500 This boat-based hunt for trophy Sitka Blacktail Deer and Seaducks is during the peak of the deer rut on Prince of Wales Island. Prince of Wales is renown for trophy Sitka Blacktails The Sitka Blacktail Deer are in the peak of the rut during November and the hunting style is reminiscent of a coyote hunt. This exciting, action-packed hunt will often see the deer running to our fawn-in-distress calls before throwing on the brakes when they almost trample you. The deer hunting is all spot and stalk with calling and rattling being employed. This is a very high success hunt. Depending on the year and the depth of the snow, the deer can often be hunted very close to the beach, but just as likely it can be a very physical hunt with lots of hiking. Prince of Wales is home to some of the best deer hunting in all Alaska with several record book bucks being taken annually.

Oregon and California:
Roosevelt Elk/Columbia Blacktail deer combo priced at $8,000 located out of Coos Bay Oregon with well respected outfitter. Call for details.

Columbia blacktail hunts in California from $2,500 to $3,500.

For trophy free-range elk, we work with the outfitter to buy a limited number of landowner/conservation permits on private and state land out of Salt Lake City.. This is the hunter's best realistic chance to hunt a free-range elk in the 350-380 class range. Total cost $10,000-12,000 depending on cost of permit. Also Mountain Lion (starting at $6,000), Mule deer, Antelope, Black bear and Bison hunts with the famous Wade Lemon, the finest houndsman located out of Utah.

Private ranch for 100% guaranteed opportunity for trophy size elk. Beautiful ranch located out of Canon City Colorado among the ponderosa pines, aspens and open meadows. This is the place to go hunt for the elk to put on the wall or over the fireplace.

Also Bison roam this property and makes for a great combination of elk and bison hunt.

New Mexico:
Van Hale's Trophy Outfitters located in the SW corner of New Mexico close to the Arizona border, land of the "Big Elk". This is a free-range hunt with no high fences. Outfitter will only take bulls that are 300 SCI minimum and has an 85% kill ratio. Rifle season goes from October 16 to December 31.

Mule Deer
(average score of 170) on private ranch leases that outfitter has managed for over 12 years in eastern Montana out of Colstrip. 6 day hunt priced at $7,750 1x1: $5550 2x1. Combine w/ Pronghorn antelope $1,500 trophy fee (draw for the pronghorn) .

Shooting School, Free-range Aoudad, Exotics, and Whitetail Deer: Free-ranging aoudad in West Texas mountains, all the thrills of a sheep hunt without the hefty price. Priced to sell at $4,495 for a great hunt! Nilgai in South Texas $3,150. Nilgai are a formidable animal to chase down in this challenging hunt. Shooting School at FTW Ranch located in the beautiful Hill Country of Texas has all three to offer: Shooting school, trophy whitetail deer and exotics

Alligators on the coast of Texas it is a short season in September but fun and combine with fishing to make a great weekend trip! Call for pricing.

Alligator/turkey hunts – last client came home with a 12 foot alligator. Make this a combo with Osceola turkey –clients are 100% on turkeys and alligator two years running!


Hunt the unique species of Brockett deer and oscellated turkey in the Yucatan. BAJA for Deer and great bird hunting! SCI Records Book Department recently opened the Category for the Baja Blacktail Deer as a distinct specie in the SCI Record Book of Big Game Animals. The distribution of the Baja Blacktailed Deer is found on the Baja Penisula from the southern border of California to Cabo San Lucas.

     Land of the big mule deer; coues deer and desert big horn sheep. Long time operators with a great reputation. Desert Mule deer December/January; Big Horn Sheep. Please call for pricing.