From Red Stags in New Zealand to Tur in Azerbaijan, The Global Sportsman can truly send you around the World! Take a look at some of the hunts we have to offer below:

South America: Argentina: We love this country for the variety of species and the different areas to hunt. From down south in Patagonia in the Andes to the grasslands of the Pampas, this is a great destination for the dollar. Our outfitter in Patagonia has a beautiful lodge, free range red stag and also the only outfitter to offer Alpine Ibex to combine with the red stag hunt.

Our outfitter out of La Pampa area offers free ranging water buffalo along with red stag, mouflon, blackbuck, fallow deer, axis deer, puma, brocket deer, collared peccary and capybara. Of course this hunt can be combined with the world class dove hunting too!

Mongolia: Hunt for ibex and sheep in the land of Genghis Khan! Fantastic destination for combination hunt for 2 different species of ibex. Travel to the mountains in far western Mongolia for the Altai Ibex and then down to the Gobi desert for the Gobi Ibex. In the Gobi area there is the option for whitetail gazelle as well. Sheep species include Altai Argali, Hangai Argali and Gobi Argali. This is the land of nomadic horsemen, unspoiled wilderness with high mountains, endless steppes, arid deserts and crystal clear lakes.

Azerbaijan: Tur hunting for the adventurer! Elevation is not high but the mountains are steep. We suggest getting in shape for this hunt! The Tur is a very unique animal that not many hunters have collected. Price includes meeting and customs clearance at Baku Airport; hotels in Baku before and after hunt; trophy fee for one Tur; import and export permits for weapons, all transfers and ground transports, interpreters, lodging for hunt, meals, all beverages, professional guides, hunting permits, licenses, export papers, dip and pack of trophy, veterinary certificate, sightseeing in Baku and meals . Wow! This is a deal! Duck hunting is also very popular. Call for details.

Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan: Marco Polo Sheep combined with Mid-Asian Ibex. A big adventure in the mountains for this prized trophy, the Marco Polo sheep . Call for details and pricing.

New Zealand and Australia: Travel to New Zealand for big red stags, tahr and chamois and combine with Australia for bantang, buffalo, rusa, hog deer and more! New Zealand is known for its pristine vast countryside and the outfitters will be sure to please with their knowledge of the trophy game and making sure the customer is taken care of.

Europe has so much to offer for the worldwide sportsman.
Spain: has 13 species of big game including 4 different ibex species: the Beceite found near Barcelona, the Gredos west of Madrid, the Ronda and Southeastern found on the southern tip of the country. Hunt one or hunt them all! Other species found in Spain include Spanish red stag, fallow deer, roe deer, mouflon sheep, aoudad, chamois and goat. This is a great trip to bring observers too.

Croatia: has a huge variety of animals not found in other places in Europe.
Hunting rate $480/day(includes meals, lodging and guide) plus trophy fees for the following species: Mouflon or barbary sheep off the coast, Roe deer, wild boar, Dalmation sheep, Balkan Chamois, European brown bear, fallow deer, axis deer, Kri Kri hybrid ibex plus fishing for Bluefin tuna in the Adriatic Sea!

Austria: Travel to the beautiful city of Vienna and then onto the hunting district of the "Gutsvewaltung Misenbach" which is located in the mountain ranges of the lower Alps, 50 miles south of Vienna. The hunting area has a good population of game over many beautiful large mountain valleys. Accommodations are in a first class hotel/spa and the hunter pays only for trophy fees in the hunting area. Species available: Red stag, fallow deer, wild boar, Mouflon, Roebuck, Alpine Ibex and Chamois.

France: Lodge located 30 min south of Paris for roe deer and wild boar and driven hunts for pheasants, partridges and ducks.

Sweden and Norway.
European hunting is very popular with scenic country and plentiful game.
Sweden and Norway offers a large variety of species including Roebuck,
Red deer, Reindeer, Fallow deer, Mouflon, Moose, Wildboar and European Bison.

100% wild and fair chase hunting for red deer is one of the most exciting and exceptional hunting values today. This adventure takes place in the scenic highlands/moorlands and mountains of Scotland. Added bonus to this hunt is the addition of being able to hunt roebucks at the same area and time frame. This package offered is a fantastic buy!! Best time of year: September/October.

Turkey: Many different species of Ibex, sheep, mid-asian brown bear and the Antolian wild boar and red deer, roe deer and wolf and lynx.

Call for pricing and trip options for the above.