European brown bear hunting is the key species in Croatia and currently the only country that European brown bear can be exported to the United States  The other popular species is the free range Mouflon or barbary sheep off the coast next to the Adriatic Sea.  The scenery while hunting is spectacular.   Other species to be hunted here include Roe deer, wild boar, Dalmation sheep, Balkan Chamois, fallow deer, axis deer, Kri Kri hybrid ibex plus fishing for Bluefin tuna in the Adriatic Sea!

While hunters are enjoying the first class hunting,  observers can enjoy the warm coast of the Adriatic Sea and islands or become acquainted with one of the most beautiful European capital of Zagreb with its unique historical center, numerous modern entertainments shopping,  and thermal water parks.   Plus don’t miss the Hunting museum in Zagreb.  The Hunting Museum was founded in 1954 by the Croatian Hunting Federation. The holdings of the Museum comprise more than 2,000 items, mainly superb trophies of game from Croatia, and samples of interesting and atypical trophies and anomalies. The collection of hunting weapons is very interesting whick includes firearms and other weapons used since the 16th century.

Check out the photos below of some successful hunts in Croatia.