Muntjac and Chinese Water Deer slam – unique and mysterious animals!

Outfitter offers 5 nights 4 days hunting combo for these two unique species with season being October to February.

History on the these two species:

The Chinese Water Deer is a species native to China and Korea, and it was first introduced in England in 1870. Its original habitat is swamps, reed areas and open pastures. Their head is long and narrow, without antlers. They have a uniquely featured long upper canines extending below the lower jar, making the animal’s distinctive appearance. The males’ canines are 50-60 millimeters long, while the females’ is only 6 millimeters long. These canine teeth serve as a weapon for the bucks during mating season, which is late autumn and early winter. The water deer are solitary.

The Muntjac Deer originates from China and were introduced in England around the 1900s.  Males have short, single spike, backward-pointing antlers. The mating season lasts throughout the year.

Hunting for Muntjac is mostly consists of stalking around open fields in the early morning and late afternoon hours.  As Muntjacs are highly territorial, they are expected to keep their own routes and feeding places, so previously scouted and spotted animals likely to appear at the same places routinely.

Check out the photos below of some successful hunts in England.