Georgia Wingshooting Trips

Experience Georgia quail hunting as it has been done on most of the private plantations for over 150 years. If quail hunting is anything, it is driven by tradition. And for those who believe in traditions, there is only one way to hunt quail… from horseback and mule-drawn wagon. Quail hunting from horseback is as deeply imbedded in the southern plantation psyche as grits and cornbread, and the mule-drawn wagon is an iconic symbol of the grand plantation quail hunting social experience. Four lodges to choose from with high-end amenities and southern style meals.

Located in deep in the heart of south Georgia quail country, outfitter provides guests with an authentic experience that does justice to the history and tradition. They manage over 6000 acres of longleaf pine forest with wiregrass understory… the original quail habitat as it was more than 200 years ago. These forests are some of the finest habitat in all of south Georgia and they are native home to hard-flying wild quail that have to be hunted and are not merely shot.

Check out the photos below of some successful wingshooting trips in Georgia.