Musk Ox – A Step Back in Time

Humans hunted muskox ever since the first hunter gatherers colonized the Arctic, and probably never ceased to be amazed by the adaptations of the species to the harsh climate of the tundra. The length of the muskox hair has to be seen to be believed.  Muskox are herd animals who react to danger by “circling the wagons”, with calves in the middle, and the rest of the herd with their backs to them, and sharp horns directed to the predator. Mature bulls feature a great, well-developed boss, that can be as intimidating to behold as any Cape Buffalo. These horns will be a long-lasting symbol of a journey to the wild and beautiful Greenland.  Muskox hunting may seem like a simple spot-and-stalk deal, but it is full of unexpected challenges . One is age and sex identification. Both sexes carry horns of roughly the same size; look for a well-developed boss to know a bull.  Second is the terrain, the ground is very uneven and good boots that give ankle support are a must.

Trip Details:  5 nights 4 days includes one muskox, guides, meals, lodging in tented camp.  Hunts are conducted using a boat on the rivers and fiords to where the musk ox are grazing.   Add Reindeer for  trophy fee.  Fly thru Copenhagen to Kangerlussag, Greenland and hunt is conducted July-August timeframe.

From a previous client:

“The trip was really great, I found Greenland to be a pristine wilderness just a 20 minute boat ride out of town.  The native species were abundant and curious, giving the impression that they may have never seen a human being before.   Outfitters were excellent hosts, they treated us like family and worked 18 hour days every day we hunted.  They hauled a tremendous amount of flesh and fur unbelievable distances through very difficult terrain and remained cheery and humorous throughout.

The facilitators were also delightful and worked extremely hard as guides, spotters, skinners and haulers.  I can affirm without doubt that I will gladly hunt with them again in any environment for any period of time.  They’re solid people and great to have in camp.

I definitely enjoyed Greenland, in fact I kind of fell in love with it and the lifestyle that harsh environment requires of its inhabitants.  The thrill of being required to focus primarily on survival year round is both seductive and intoxicating in a way that I had not previously experienced.  I will definitely go back, as the Musk Ox portion of the hunt is one I can do with my children.  I may even buy a glacier-river beach house on my next trip.

Check out the photos below of some successful hunts in Greenland.