Our outfitter has been guiding and leading safaris in Mongolia for over 50 years.  That experience speaks for itself.     They maintain their camps in prime hunting grounds and the managers, interpreters and local guides are the best in the business.

The tradition of hunting in Mongolia goes back over eight centuries to the time when Genghis Khan ruled the largest empire. Located in the landlocked plateau between Russia and the plains of northern China, Mongolia makes a geographically and culturally dramatic impression. Mongolia’s pristine mountains,  endless steppes and the  Gobi desert and sweeping grasslands are home to vast  species of wildlife .  Also for the avid fisherman it is a must to try for the Taiman (a giant salmonoid )   Hunting in the mountains and riding the Mongol ponies while being guided by local tribesman is like going back in time hundreds of years.    There is no experience on earth like hunting in Mongolia, it truly is for the adventurer!

Call us to set up the adventure of a life time in Mongolia!

For the sheep hunter  the Altai Argali is found in the Altail mountains, the Hangai Argali found in the southern Hangai mountains….. and the Gobi Argali found in the steppes of the Gobi Desert.  These sheep are the holy grail of trophies.

Altai and Gobi Ibex
Maral Stag
Wild boar
Roe Deer
White Gazelle

Check out the photos below of some successful hunts in Mongolia.