New Zealand

New Zealand is known for its pristine vast countryside and the outfitters will be sure to please with their knowledge of the trophy game and making sure the customer is taken care of.   Outfitter located on the South Island out of Christ Church with luxury hunting lodge accommodations and access to  exclusive multiple private properties.
Red Stags were introduced to New Zealand back in the 1850s and have flourished since with rich vegetation and no large predators.  New Zealand is a sub tropical island paradise that gives the perfect growing conditions for the trophy red stag. They can be hunted from February to July with the Rut being March to mid-May.  During the rut, the red stags “roar” and challenge other males for dominance.  Nothing can send the chills down a spine than experiencing the Red Stag rut in New Zealand.
Himalayan tahr with their beautiful mane are one of the most beautiful trophies in New Zealand.  A challenging hunt that can be done with helicopter or access to mountains with 4 wheelers than by foot.   The rut is from May to July and their coats are best in the New Zealand winter time (June-August).  Chamois are originally from Europe and another sought after trophy.  Their rut is May/June and hunted in the mountains.
Fallow deer have too flourished in New Zealand and a very worthy trophy to take while in New Zealand. The Arapawa Ram introduce from Europe and easily distinguished by their large curled horns and  woolly coats and make for a beautiful, unusual  trophy to bring home.    For the bird hunters:  Merriam turkeys are also found on the island and Paradise ducks.  If you are a fisherman, you may want to try your hand at brown trout, they can get up to 30 lbs (the biggest on record is 42 lbs!)


Red Stag
Fallow deer
Wild boar
Arapawa ram

Check out the photos below of some successful hunts in New Zealand.