Want a fantastic deal on brown bear hunt?  Head to the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia.  Price is way cheaper than Alaska but the quality of bear is the same. We work  with outfitter who has been taking hunters here since 1994. Camps are fully equipped and staffed by experienced guides, skinners, cook and interpreter.  One of the most successful trophy brown bear hunts in the world today.

The hunts are conducted in the spring from mid April to May with  generally a group of eight hunters on a 10-day hunt. The outfitter has  the flexibility to vary the hunting location from year to year, based on spring temperatures, snowpack and forage. Hunts on the west of the peninsula usually take place in late April or early May, and hunts on the east side usually take place in mid-May. Sometimes they use permanent camps, and sometimes tented camps.  Snow mobiles are used to cover ground and spot bears.   The  price of the hunt includes helicopter costs and trophy fee for one bear. A second bear may be taken for an additional trophy fee.

Outfitter meets American hunters in JFK and clear guns in Moscow, then fly eight hours to Petropavlovsk. From there it is a nine-hour drive north to the town of Esso, where hunters overnight at a bed and breakfast before a 1.5 hour flight to camp.  The outfitter’s wife is from Russia and accompanies us along with guides and translators, so communication is not a problem.

Check out the photos below of some successful hunts in Russia.