100% wild and fair chase hunting for red deer is one of the most exciting and exceptional hunting values today
Scotland is known for the hunt of the majestic Scottish Highland stag and this is a chance for the hunter to sample a unique way of hunting for the free ranging Hill stag.   The hunt is conducted in the moors on thousands of acres of open range misty mountain heather.  As this is a traditional hunt, the method has changed very little in many years. A typical day you will go afield in an Argo which is perfectly suited for this terrain. The hunter, with his guide and Argo driver would glass the hills and valleys looking for a good trophy, typically 8-points or more. Once the stag has been spotted the stalk would begin trying to close the distance to approximately 100-150 yards.   Our outfitter has numerous areas to hunt with the best opportunity for a classic free range stag.  Afterwards do some touring and visit pubs and enjoy the beautiful landscape and countryside and the warm hospitality of the Scottish folks. Typical hunts are 4-5 days with lodging in quaint Bed and Breakfasts or upgrade to hunting estate lodges.

Check out the photos below of some successful hunts in Scotland.