The most sought-after species in Turkey is the bezoar ibex with Turkey holding the largest populations. Bezoar ibex are among the most striking of all ibex species and have horns that can reach 55 inches, although 45 inches is more typical.   They are found spread along the Taurus mountain range that extends from the Western Mediterranean all the way East. Most of the hunting in Turkey takes place in remote mountainous areas  and the hunting can be challenging. Another popular species in Turkey is the the wild boar. Turkey is unsurpassed in terms of population of wild boar in Europe. Many of the hunts are conducted at night under the moonlight and the they are very cunning.   Other species to hunt in Turkey include the Anatolian red stag (found exclusively in Turkey), Anatolian chamois, and roe deer. 
Along with the wonderful  hunting opportunities, Turkey is well known for its architectural wonders, world-class shopping, and its rich history as the meeting point of Asia and Europe with a well-developed tourism infrastructure.

Check out the photos below of some successful hunts in Turkey.